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MAGUmedia was established in 2015 to create impactful visual assets for businesses and brands. By combining project management with creative talent we have been able to service our client's requirements with meticulous precision and style. 

Our focus is on automotive, corporate and industrial photography and videography. 

We are a small, efficient and agile team of creative artists and project management professionals.


MAGUmedia is...

Mahalakshmi Gurushankar 

The creative wizard of the package, Maha is a sculptor, illustrator, painter, digital design demon and a cracking image editor as well. Expect magic when she takes over the reins of the project!


Gurushankar Subramanian
An engineer with over a decade in networking and information technology, Guru brings his attention to detail and process into the creative domain of digital photography. He is an automobile enthusiast, motorcycle rider and a race-track junkie with a penchant for setting quick lap times.

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